Software for Elections

Vote-by-Mail Scan Processing

VoteByMailScan integrates with your voter registration system to automatically scan both sides of the incoming ballot envelope, imprint the envelope with a time and date stamp along with the batch number and sequence in the batch and to automatically verify the signature of the voter against your reference signature.

This allows the system to dramatically speed up the processing of VBM ballots.

Results are imported back into the voter registration system to dramatically reduce time spent by staff processing incoming vote-mail-ballots.

Ballots returned as undeliverable may also be scanned into the system to generate lists or direct import back into the voter registration system.

The system interfaces to a variety of voter registration systems and additional interfaces are constantly being added.

Vote by Mail Scan screenshot

The acceptable score level is set by the user and allows you to raise or lower the threshold for automatic acceptance of the ballot.

Ballots with signature scores below the pre-set level are presented to the user for validation.

Vote by Mail Scan screenshot

At a very low price, you can employ the same technologies used in much more expensive systems.

Vote by Mail Scan screenshot

The system is currently being used in county elections offices in Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas and Oregon.